How To Enhance Real Estate Photos By Some Effortless Tips

One thing that all editors have to assume is that the quality of provided raw images is one of the factors deciding on how successful it is after the virtual staging. Serving thousands of clients for years, we have received different types of real estate photos ranging from vibrant professionals to dark blurry ones. The bad shoots not only bring us a lot of difficulties to process but affect the final outcome as well.

We are also often asked how to make the best photo for virtual staging. For this reason, we write this article to show you the way to spot the good photos from the bad ones.  

The Most Important Note

In fact, there is not many difficult or complex requirement for virtual staging photography. The only and first thing that photographers need to consider is to stand away from the furniture of the home, then the virtually staged photos will look much better. Therefore, it could be a good idea to stand in the doorway or corner of the room when the viewer can see the entire room.

Do It By Yourself Or Hire A Photographer

The decision of which one will depend on how good technological skill is, what type of camera or smartphone you have and how big your budget is. If you don’t have a good camera, you are not confident in your photography skill, and also value your time more than how much it costs, then to hire a professional should be your choice.

But if not, you can or have no choice but taking the photos by yourself, read the following essential tips that will help you much enhance your images and avoid distracting factors.

1. Take Photos by a Good Camera

Photography for Virtual Home Staging
A grid is added to your camera viewer that creates a better frame for your shot.

Use a newer camera or smartphone that is more likely to shoot high-resolution photos. In case you have to print them out, set your camera to this largest resolution. Fortunately, most iPhones and other smartphone branches launched from a couple of years have a very high-quality camera that can shoot good pictures.

However, to overcome the drawback of the narrow lens of most iPhones, you should equip them with Moment Wide Angle Lens, a kind of glass lens. Attaching this high-quality lens to your phones make the shot wider. In other words, you are able to capture more of the room. To do it, in the Settings section, choose Camera and turn on “Grid.” A grid is added to your camera viewer that creates a better frame for your shot.

Take note not to use too wide-angle or fisheye lenses, which will deform photos, making features in the photos like the walls longer than they normally are. If you are not very confident in choosing the best lens and camera setting, it is wise to use a DSLR or camera with interchangeable lenses 18-22mm so that you will not go too far.

2. Set up the Room and Your Camera

Clutter-Free Rooms

This is the most significant thing you need to consider to improve the outlook of the home. A room without any clutter and personal stuff is the key to making the final images much better.

Consider some following tips to declutter a room:

  • Remove pieces pf papers
  • Put away TV remote
  • No personal items such as trinkets and picture frames
  • No clothing and blankets on chairs
  • In the kitchen, put unnecessary stuff like kettles, toasters away from bench space

Then, here are some ways to make the home look like a display home

  • Place pillows in bedrooms, which will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere
  • Take off furniture from the walls. This will help the home larger and more inviting
  • Place some pot plants into inside rooms as you take the photo
  • Take the advantage of different types of lighting in a room to have layered lighting, including floor lamps, ceiling lights, and table lamps.

Try to make the home look like a display one by putting away as much frustrating stuff as possible even if there are still occupants living in the home. In other words, remove all things which are not needed to be there and don’t have any purpose of making the room more inviting.


Improve real estate photos
A room without any clutter and personal stuff is the key to making the final images much better

Clean Lines

Making everything symmetrical might change a room entirely. Also, clean lines in the rooms can give a feeling of large space. This can be done by simple steps as preparing for the shooting. It could be opening blinds and sliding doors to reduce the number of lines and bring a feeling of simplicity.

Choose The Right Corners

When taking real estate photos, some rooms are harder to take shots of than others, such as the kitchen and bathroom because they have tricky corners, odd shapes, and reflective surfaces.

Different spaces have different shooting levels to give them the best appearance. There are three main levels, including waist height, eye height or overhead shots. Choosing which one depends on how many features it can capture, so place your camera where as many features as possible are taken. Also, to create a perfect image, you should shot three different corners of the room.

3. During the Shooting

Important Notes Of Home Photography For Virtual Staging
The ideal place to stand to take pictures can be the corner or doorway

The ideal place to stand to take pictures can be the corner or doorway, and also from opposite angles of the room. These positions will help views have larger outlook of where the room is compared to others in the home.

Also, pay attention to the brightness of the home, adjust it either not too bright or too dark. On the one hand, the doors should be opened to take advantage of the natural light. On the other hand, to prevent “blow out”, you need to focus on different areas of the room. It is because as there are some areas so brighter than others that make other areas become too dark.

4. Saving Your Photos

  • Keep your photos safe by saving them in a safe place like Dropbox or Google Photos so that you can use them whenever you want. 
  • Rename each photo after the room to save you and your editors a lot of time from being confused about what function the room should be.
  • The file format should be JPG that works in the most current systems.

To conclude, you might ask the help from professional editors to virtually stage your home. However, it is also very important that you provide them the best input pictures that have a huge impact on the final photos.