Typical Rules in Staging a Dining Room for a Home to Sale

There is no doubt about the significance of the dining room in a house. It helps reunite family members to have great meals and talks together. So, having a comfortable dining room can appeal to the customers come to visit and buy your home more quickly.

In this article, we will show you how to stage a dining room when you plan to sell your home.

Typical Rules in Staging a Dining Room for a Home to Sale
Staging a dinning room

Some Basic Rules In Staging a Dinning Room

Typical Rules in Staging a Dining Room for a Home to Sale
Dinning Room Staging
  •  Keep it bright – let in as much natural light as possible because it can be more appealing to buyers to see a shining room full of light.
  • Stage a dining table – with some pieces of accessories, your table will become more inviting, unlike a bare table or the one with just singular large arrangement that can make the room too cold and solid.
  • Do an update – replace the outdated objects will brighten your room and make it more valuable to buyers.
  • Keep it spacious – maintain a wide, open and easy flow in the dining room so that people will get easy to move around.
  • Make it possible for a party – the entertaining factor can add more marks to your dining room. It doesn’t mean you have to prepare full of set up. Instead, with someplace settings with napkins or wine glasses, it is enough for buyers to imagine the great they might have with their family and friends.

Dining Room Furniture

Typical Rules in Staging a Dining Room for a Home to Sale
staging a kitchen table

Not only for the kitchen but also in the whole house, the furniture plays an important role. It is necessary to replace or rent new furniture for your dining room if it is old and outdated. You should consider items in neutral colors that are the interest of larger traffic.

  • Work with the rug first if you want to have one under the table. Place it in the center area, right under the chandelier. You have to consider this, especially for an open concept dining room.
  • However, in case of a too big and oblong dining room, the table should stay on one side of the room. At the same time, you should have something of equal size with the table on the opposite side. This will make a balance for your room.
  • When it comes to the dining table staging, avoid too many chairs that will make your room look smaller and over-crowded. Also, you should pick a round dining table for an awkward and small dining space. Make sure a maximum traffic flow around the table that is enough for two people walking side by side.
  • If the fabric cushions of your dining chairs are too old and beat up, have new ones with neutral colors too.
  • Buy tablecloths. Not only keeping imperfect points of a table hidden, does a tablecloth give the room a mood as well. Choose tablecloths in neutral colors and vary them in different seasons and holidays.
  • Another notice for your dining room furniture like a buffet table or china hutch is to pick ones in large size. This will help limit too many pieces of furniture and make your room larger at the same time. Otherwise, gather them together to diminish the feeling of clutter everywhere.

Accessories for the Dining Room

Another feature that needs taking into account on how to stage a dining room is accessories. Like coloring a picture, they are essential in staging a dining room. Despite being a rough task, there’s worth paying attention to it.

  • Clear light fixtures are a better choice than opaque ones for a small dining room because they will create long sightlines for the room.
  • Show your best dinnerware, silverware, glassware and cloth napkins and set them as in an elegant dinner, not a normal meal of your family.
  • Get more natural light to the dining room by opening heavy draperies if you have. Then, hanging a mirror on the wall that is opposite the window will reflect more natural light.
  • To make your dining table more impressive, consider using a table runner or a centerpiece which can be flowers or a bowl of lemons, limes. Also, a simple set of candles can bring out a pleasant sense.
  • Always put a mirror above a sideboard or buffet table to create visual space and reflect more light around the dining room. The ratio that you can consider is ⅔ or ¾.
  • For the small room with open shelving, choose the accessories in the same color as that of the wall. They seem to blend into the wall, making it more spacious. In addition, keep certain space around objects in the shelves, which will deliver the open and airy feeling.
  • In general, keep accessories in scale with the room and the furniture: a large room with big ones and vice versa. For example, a focal point for a small dining room can be an oil painting. 
  • If you have a china cabinet, choose to place the best objects and the tall ones, not filling it with tons of small things.

Like bathroom staging or kitchen staging, dinning room staging does take more time and effort to complete. However, the effectiveness it brings is undeniable.

In case you want to have your dining room staged digitally to save time and money, we provide you with a professional virtual staging service. Then, you will have great pictures that make your house outstanding on the market.