Simple Tips to Quickly Switch Your Home from Summer to Fall

Gone are the days when you had to suffer the hot, sultry days of summer. Fall has come with gentle winds and cool temperatures, making us feel more comfortable. And it is also the time to elegantly switch your house from Summer to Fall. It does not need to exaggerate the process. Just simple changes can refresh your house and welcome the new season of the year.

Simple Tips to Switch Your Home from Summer to Fall

#1. Change Your Pillows and Other Accessories


Simple Tips to Quickly Switch Your Home from Summer to Fall

Color of pillows can bring a virtual feeling. Be careful when using color to stage your home. Use warm colors like oranges, browns, beiges, greys and deep blues, bring some sweaters and add warm color and ethnic fabric texture, then, you will have to say “woah” because some small details can also change your space.

#2. Protect your home

While less glamorous, it’s important to think about the safety of your home and the unseen things that can greatly affect your home’s feel, appearance and comfort.  As the temperatures get colder, you’ll want to be sure that your home is as efficient as possible.

Make sure your home is in the most stable state. Install storm windows correctly, add honeycomb cellular shades, use door draft stoppers, fix leaks around doors and windows, add attic or basement insulation. As soon as the leaves have finished falling, have your gutters cleaned out by a professional so that water from rain and melting snow flows away from the house to avoid flooding and ice jams.

#3. Decorate your house with things outside

Create pretty displays with decorative pumpkins or gourds if you are able. Small branches can be brought inside and bundled together, tied up with pretty ribbon in autumnal colors, and placed near the fireplace. Let your hydrangea dry naturally inside. Their fall hues are lovely. Pine cones of all shapes and sizes can look quite lovely in large glass or ceramic bowls. Autumn decor shouldn’t have to cost too much.

#4. Prep the fireplace for the cooler weather

Simple Tips to Quickly Switch Your Home from Summer to Fall

It’s perhaps the most perfect accessory offering a visual aesthetic , a personal touch and the ultimate in comfort.

Spend some time cleaning your fireplace, put new dry wood sticks in your fireplace and make it ready to fire up.

If you live in an area where it’s still too warm to use your fireplace, a lovely arrangement inside with assorted pillar candles can achieve the same fall-like effect. When you come home, nothing is better than a delicious warm fire welcoming you.

#5. Seasonal fruit plate display

Adding fruit to your house is a perfect choice. With a full basket of fruits such as apples, pears, berries and nuts  on the table, your house can create a fresh and healthy felling.

If the fruits are not fresh, you should replace them with new ones and make them more interesting.

#6. Create potpourri

After drying, fall fruits will be mixed together. Prepare a large pan, filled with water, add large pieces of your favorite fall fruits. Then, the scent of potpourri will spread throughout your house. Scent of potpourri makes you comfortable.

This will not only make your house smell like fall but will also give you house the dry air caused by the heat.

#7. Warm lights

In warm lights, with a cup of coffee (or tea)  and a good book is a perfect combination.

Yellow lights are a good choice or can use candles to replace electric light. This may sound a bit crazy given, but you should try to feel the change. It’s great !!

#8. Add layer warmth into your house

After changing the pillows, you should add layer warmth into your house. The faster way to warm up your house is carpets. Add carpets with some warmth and texture, area rugs can be layered as well.

Make sure they are consistent in color or patterns.

#9. Perfect display with pumpkins

Again using natural resources, you can create warm and visually appealing displays. Small to medium sized pumpkins can help to create a magnificent and organic tablescape when combined with flowers and other natural elements. Mini pumpkins can make a lovely place, and a lovely teapot will create perfection.

#10. Change pumpkins and pine cones and things outside

Try spray paint other colors on pumpkins and pine cones to differentiate them. Spray paint the branches and twigs you’ve brought indoors. Pine cones look so elegant when dressed in silver and gold. And don’t forget to spray paint your pumpkins for a really glamorous touch.

Here are 10 simple tips to help you change your home from Summer to Winter. I hope this post has inspired you to get ready for the fall which is such a lovely time of the year.