Mobile And Web Apps For Amazing Virtual Home Staging

You are tired of the appearance of your home and want to make a change. However, it could be very for you to decide on which furniture or colors. Renovating a home is a costly and time-wasting task, so it is sure that you don’t want to make any mistake because of being unable to estimate the final results but doing like your imagination.

Fortunately, with the development of technology, you can avoid this situation. There have recently been a lot of apps that are designed to help you reduce the possibility of getting mistakes and offer you better options for your home.

In this post, we will present some of the most typical apps that are most used currently. They are based on both mobile and web, which is very user-friendly.

Mobile And Web Apps For Amazing Virtual Home Staging
There have recently been a lot of apps that are designed to help you reduce the possibility of getting mistakes

Mobile Apps

Autodesk Homestyler Mobile: Free, iOS and Android

Using this app, you are able to add high-quality 3D models of real furniture products into the house with a few simple steps. They include paintings, fixtures, and rugs. Moreover, the final design can be shared so that you can send to your family, friends, and millions of talented users from all over the world. You can get feedback for your ideas and refer to others.

Roomle: Free, iOS

This app is useful for those of you who want to work with floor plans. You can use your own fingertip to sketch floor plans with surfaces and colors of floors and walls as you want. Also, you can take a virtual look throughout the design. It is proved to be an easy tool to use by a lot of users who say that it not only creates intuitive features and layout but also has a variety of options to choose from.

In addition, Rooomle is considered a 3D Configurator that enables your products for photo-realistic 3D configuration for web and mobile.

Planner 5D: Free ($19.99 for Unlimited version), iOS and Android

Having the same level of customization as the desktop application, the Planner 5D mobile application offers both 2D-3D toggle and maneuverability. Also, the cost for the unlimited mobile version is lower than that of the desktop one, but with the availability of a range of free items. Planner 5D includes Snapshots feature that makes your design a realistic image by adding shadows, lighting, and rich colors. It is more likely to create work that looks like a photograph.

Rooomy: Free (or $79 per room), iPad App

Rooomy allows you to create 3D room scenes from 2D photos. You can get many ideas for the designs you would like to create in your living room.

Mobile And Web Apps For Amazing Virtual Home Staging
It is proved to be an easy tool to use by a lot of users

Web Apps

Ikea: Free

This is a virtual interior tool that helps to create the dimensions of a room in 2D. Based on that, you can estimate what furniture you need to buy, such as paint colors, flooring choices in 3D. One drawback of Ikea Planner Tools is that its visuals are quite animated, so it can create an inaccurate impression. But anyway, if the need just stops at getting the feeling and understanding of what furniture for the rooms of your home, it is completely enough.

Autodesk Homestyler: Free

Autodesk Homestyle allows you to customize your home by creating a 2D room layout, then adjusting to 3D interactive rendering. Thanks to that, you can try out different staging styles and choose the best one for your rooms. That is the reason why this interior design tool is a familiar choice of many homeowners

HomeByMe: Free

This name might be familiar with you if you have played the Sims game. From scratch and quickly place furniture and fixtures, you can easily create the layout. Moreover, this tool allows you to estimate quietly exactly how they fit into space by giving you an animated person with the height you can change.

Armstrong Virtual Room designer: Free

You are intending to change the flooring, trim and wall paint but don’t know which suit your space, also afraid of choosing the wrong one. Then, this app is designed for you, help you test out different materials and colors.

There is one minus point in this tool is that you cannot entirely customize the fixtures and furniture in the room. But no worries, it will not let you down by an accurate feel of how well factors of a room work together.

Planner 5D: Free (Basic) or $29 (Unlimited Catalog Access)

Planner 5D is extremely amazing as it allows users to create both detailed 2D layouts and semi-realistic models of 3D ones. Despite the fact that with this tool you cannot completely customize, it is very easy to use. There is also a diversity of furnishing and fixtures that help you to create things more than the exterior. Therefore, it is very useful for exterior landscaping initiatives as well.

With the charged version, there are more than 3000 items for you to virtually stage your ideal house.

To conclude, the mobile and web apps mentioned above are very popular at the moment to help homeowners have a clearer image of how their house looks like after they make some changes. Nevertheless, because of the limitation of free version and the limited technical ability, many of them, especially the realtors find it necessary to have a professional to edit real estate images for them. If investing appropriately at first in virtual staging, they can get a higher position in the competitive market by attracting more buyers.