Top 5 simple tips for living room staging on a budget

Living room staging is considered the top priority when it comes to home staging. Indeed, when viewing a house, most buyers prefer to view living room first due to the fact that is the main room of the house. Understand this fact, when selling properties, many people are willing to invest a lot of money on staging a living room with modern designs. However, if you want to stage your living room on a budget, check out our following simple but effective tips on how to stage a livingroom on budget!

Living room staging on a budget: How?

Step 1: Declutter

Top 5 simple tips for living room staging on a budget
Decluttering_ living room staging ideas

Decluttering is considered the most intial step when talking about selling home. Your livingroom may contain a lot of personal stuffs such as family photos, sourvenirs, or a huge piles of magazine, junk mails,….Those things may make you feel comfortable, however, it doesn’t creat the same feeling for the person who are going to buy your house. Normally, home buyers prefer to imagine how their items fit the house when they visit a listing. So if your house contains lots of your stuffs, it would be hard for them to visualize their future home.

Pack your items and store it somewhere else and remove some small piece of furniture, straighten up stuffs on the bookshelf, table. Your room will look much larger, cleaner and fresher later on.

You also can take a look at the KonMari Method to get some ideas on how to store up things in a wise and smart ways.

Step 2: Deep clean

After decluttering, your house now may have more space and now it is time for you to do a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning does take time and effort. You can also ask the help of other family members to work together.

There are few things you should consider:

  • Dust: Dust goes everywhere in the house and we can not avoid it. If you do not clean your house regularly, you definite have a lot to do with dust. Dusk can be appeared on lamp shades, window sills, blinds, ceiling fans, under the furniture, and every possible corner. You can use vaccumm to get rid of dust or you can use a swiff duster to cope with small corners.
  • Floor: You can easily see the difference on the floor after you remove some items out of it. And of course, you definitely don’t want your buyers to see patches on the floor. Cleaning your floor is a must, then. However, cleaning floor also depends on what type of floor is. If, it is carpet, vacuum or a steam cleaner can help. If it is other types such as hard wood, ceramic tiles, or something else, you can get some tips for the best way to clean every type of floor.
  • Wooden surfaces: If your living room contain items with wooden surfaces, consider polishing them to make them like new and spotless by using furniture cleaning spray products.

Step 3: Make use of color

Color of the wall, ceiling affects a lot to the beauty of the room. Avoid using colors such as pink, red, orange which may annoy your potential home buyers. Try to use neutral colors such as beiges, whites, greys instead.

If you can not afford repainting all the room, no worries. Giving some touch ups also create a big different.

Step 4: Add some decór

Top 5 simple tips for living room staging on a budget
Add some decór

Some artwork on the wall, with a flower vase or a bolf of fruit on the table can really make your house life like and fresh. Remember that you are selling your house, not your artwork or decorations. Thus, there is no need to invest in expensive objects. Don’t let your home buyers get distracted because of things around your rooms.

There are some ways you can do to get your wanted items in affordable price:

  • Visit the local discount homewares store such as Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, or Ross to find some discount items
  • Visit thrift shop to look for some small items such vase, lamp, … which are like new or undate style
  • Search your items plus phrase “for sale” to find your desired items which are offered discounts.
  • Ask your friend for help: Share with your friend that you will return the items back after the house is sold. Maybe your friend can help you with some interesting items

Step 5: Final touch up

Until now, your staged living room is almost ready for showcase. Now, you just need to focus son some small details to make your living room become perfect:

  • Lighting: Make use of natural ligh by opening all the window, door, curtain… or even turn on the light. Different lighting can create warm atmosphere for viewers
  • Greenary space: Adding some plant to the living room can make the room full of energy and even help you cover some spots on the wall

After finishing all these 5 simple steps for living room staging, now your livingroom is totally ready for sale. You home buyers will definitely be impressed by the simple beauty as well as the cosy atmosphere of it.

In case you have low budget and less time to implement all above 5 steps, there is another way which can help you out. That is the use of Virtual Staging services which help you virtually stage your living room with 3 D furniture in a variety of styles. You only need to send them the photo of your room, and they will care the rest. After a business day you will get back the photo of your livingroom with full of beautiful furniture. That is amazing, isn’t it? You now may wonder about the price, no worries, the price is not too expensive. It is only from $25 per photo. Check out the top 10 best virtual staging company in 2019 to find someone for help.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment!