Step-to-step Undeniable Guide On How To Stage A Kitchen

Kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms in a house, so to make it easier to sell, home sellers need to take more care and attention to their kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is the space where family members spend their time together, and people tend to use this room to add the feeling of love and care into the house. That’s why a well-equipped kitchen will make a great impression on clients and persuade them to make a faster sale.

Continuing the series of staging particular rooms to sell a house, we are going to present simple kitchen staging ideas in this post. These tips don’t need a big budget, and still, you will have a desirable kitchen.


1. What to do before you stage the kitchen

Before going into more details on how to stage a kitchen, make sure to get it ready by well preparing the room first.

Step-to-step Undeniable Guide On How To Stage A Kitchen
Before staging a kitchen
  • Start with removing as many unnecessary things as you can, from right to left and from top to bottom, in every drawer and cabinet. Plus, remove all cleaning products and sponges from the sink counter. Or if magnets, photos, and notes on the fridge make it look bad, get it off all them, leaving the fridge plain. Clients will take a look at every corner and they are surely off-putting if they see any small clutter. 
  • Next scrub everything so there is no presence of grease on surfaces like ceiling, wall, and baseboards. In addition, every appliance including the baseboards and vacuum the corner, both inside and outside, should also be cleaned. In other words, brighten all surfaces in your kitchen.
  • Your clients definitely want to have enough large kitchen, so an enormous one will impress them. Thus, what you need to do is keep any extra furniture hidden to make way for walking, ideally for two people together.

2. Tips For Staging Kitchen For Sale

Step-to-step Undeniable Guide On How To Stage A Kitchen
Staging kitchen ideas

After being cleared,  your kitchen is ready to be staged, and now how it will look like will depend on your staging skills. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in this work because, with some following rules, you are able to cope with this process.

  • For staging kitchen counters, the countertops which make the whole kitchen open and airy should be kept to be clear. Of course, it can be difficult if you are still living in the house, but the best as you can as it is just temporary.
  • Another tip to make your kitchen larger is simply use the table and chairs in a smaller size. Especially if you have an eat-in kitchen, this makes a great sense.
  •  Add some green color like potted herbs and other house plants into your kitchen. This could liven up space and make it more friendly.
  • Allow as much light as possible into the room. You can do this by putting off the curtains all together if they have no function in keeping out of the unsightly view. Consider a sheer treatment that can soften the scene while still make way for the light to go in the room.
  • Again the rule of no dirties still counts here, and for this case, it is your dishes because some buyers will open your dishwasher. Make sure to give your clients a pleasant feeling.
  • The smell of the kitchen is also very important. Make sure to have no smelly trash or cooking fumes inside your kitchen. Something that might allergy your client like scented candles should be removed as well. If you still use the kitchen while it is on the market, eat out or bring home take-out to minimize the lingering odor from the cooking.
  • Use some decoration for your kitchen are a great idea, making it warmer and express your own personality, but use them sparingly, so it will not be messy. For example, you can make a vignette in number 3 or 5, or put up books and ceramic figurines in the shelving.
  • When staging a kitchen table, consider the place a rug under the table to define the area and separate it from the rest of the kitchen.
  • Place a large bowl of fruit on the counter coming with gourmet olive oil or a full bottle of red wine.
  • Put knickknacks in odd groups like 3,5 or 7.
  • Staging a small kitchen can be more difficult. If you have a dramatic kitchen, prevent using too many colors, instead, make the use of existing color schemes.

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