How To Remove Unpleasant Pet Smells From The Home To Appeal To More Home Buyers

Regardless how perfectly you stage the house for sale, it could be a bad impression on home buyers when there are any pet odors inside the home. This can turn off potential homebuyers and prevent them from buying the home. By contrast, airy homes with comfortable smells can promote them to choose a place for their living space in the future.

How To Remove Unpleasant Pet Smells From The Home To Appeal To More Home Buyers
Pets to a lot of us are friends and family members

For many homeowners, a pet like a dog or a cat can be an integral part of their life, being their friend and a member of the family, making their home become livelier. However, at the same time, pets cause a lot of awful odors if people don’t know how to get rid of them. And this can drive you crazy about how he makes your home smell.

In this following post, we will give you some effective ways to solve this problem, creating a fresh atmosphere that everyone wants to live in.

1. Get Rid Of Urine Smells

The indoor pee pad of your dog is considered the main root of the unpleasant smells in your home. Therefore, replace a new pad right after it goes by throwing it away with a tight lid in a trash can. Even for clean pads, to make your home neater during the showings, remove them outside or keep them hidden.

Also, kitty litter should be replaced daily. It will be much better just scooping used litter clumps or sweeping up around the litter box. And again, before each home showing, keep the litter box hidden.

Plus, you need to wash the pet’s bed regularly. Most of them are machine washable, so you just need to take off the cover and put it in the washing machine. And keep the core of pet’s bed free of stains and odors as well.

2. Clean Fabric Things and Carpets

Pet odors seep into fabrics that can be hard to be removed. It is necessary to do laundry, steam clean or dry clean for all fabric window coverings regularly.

Carpets and rugs are other living places of a lot of bacteria in the home, so shampoo them time by time. If this job is too heavy to you, having professionals with $25 to $50, depending on the carpet size and level of filth embedded in them, is also very rewarding. You will know whether you need more deodorizing treatments for the carpets after they get dried and still retain some lingering smells. If the carpets are so old that it is impossible to remove the bad smells out of them, then having a new one could be a good idea to brighten your home.

Plus, check the subfloor that might be a container of mysterious smells of the pet when they play on it. Deodorize it with vinegar or an odor-removing product.

How To Remove Unpleasant Pet Smells From The Home To Appeal To More Home Buyers
Pet odors seep into fabrics that can be hard to be removed

3. Paint or Replace Walls

The urine stains are often not limited to the floors, but adorn the lower portions of the walls. You might think that it would be very hard to get the pet odors out of drywall. Normally, there are two options here. Firstly, the affected sections will be repainted with a stain-and-odor-sealing paint primer that is produced exclusively for this problem. Secondly, there is a need for replacing that wall with a fresh coat of paint or stain.

4. Scrub Carefully

The dirty on the bare floors and walls created by pets can be washed out by vinegar, wood floor cleaner or an odor-neutralizing product that can be easily bought at a pet store. This will cost you from $10 to $25.  A product that is well sold is 1:9 blench-to-water. It suits surfaces like walls, floors, and cement without causing damage.

But it can be worse if your home has a large area with a stubborn pet small. In this case, you need to spend hundreds of dollars having a professional service in hard-to-clean stains do that for you.

5. Add More Pleasant Smells

Many people choose potpourri or scented candles to place in certain locations in their home. Potpourri and candles are often put in a bow on the deep clean. At the same time, always keep in mind not to go overboard, which can annoy some buyers who are sensitive to intensive perfumes. Also, make sure to buy a spray that is safe for pets and keep them away for a while to have the spray settled out of the air.

Make sure to place a bowl of mild potpourri in the foyer. This will work highly well especially to the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Consider using an air purifier to pull the danger and debris out from the air in the home. This will help to make the home smell better. Air purifiers are offered in some different types, make sure to choose the one that is designed specifically for pet odors.

How To Remove Unpleasant Pet Smells From The Home
Consider using an air purifier to pull the danger and debris out from the air in the home

6. Let Fresh Air In

It is an easy but highly effective way to get rid of unexpected smells from home pets. While doing all those cleanings, wide open all the windows to sweep out awful smells and make way for the fresh air to come in the home.

When all the cleaning is done and there are no more pet odors in the home, try to maintain this state by keeping the pet outdoors when you are out. This will help to stop the unexpected smells from returning home. You can also limit the area that a pet can play, such as crating the dogs if possible, also removing and replacing pet bedding.

If it is necessary to relocate the pets during the showings. Because your pets might have unwelcoming behaviors to strangers, it could be ideal if you can send your pets to another place while you are selling your home. However, it can just be done only if the pet has a familiar place like a neighbor that it often visits. And it could be a temporary vacation for your pets. Otherwise, you should keep the pets out of the home during the showings and remove their dishes, towels, and toys.

To conclude, while deciding on how your home will look like with impressive interior styles, spending some time cleaning your home and eliminating the unpleasant odors caused by your pets around. This will enhance the home value in homebuyer’s eyes and increase the chance they will make the purchase.