How To Naturally Bring The Western Atmosphere Into Your Home

Many homeowners are passionate about Western-style which is considered warm, vibrant, and energetic. There are a lot of different ways to achieve Western décor. It starts with warm colors, natural materials, ethnic patterns, and rich textures that can be used to create a cozy, warm, and artistic setting.

In this post, we will present the most well-known features to decorate your home to create a Western living area

Typical features of Western Interior Western

1.  Colors of nature

For the beginners, this is the easiest way to bring the Western feeling into your home. The palette in the Western home is represented by the color of nature, such as sunset reds and oranges, big sky blue, wet clay yellows, cactus greens, and earthy browns. Bear in mind to use these colors for your home to make it look more Western.

How To Naturally Bring The Western Atmosphere Into Your Home
The easiest way to bring the Western feeling into your home is through the colors

2. Natural material

Nature is considered one of the unifying themes of Western décor simply because early people used what is available in nature to build their homes. They can be anything, including wood, stone, mud, animal bones, native plants, and grasses, or even recycled objects. Therefore, always choose something made from natural materials will make your home in a Western direction.

3. Western pieces of art

The Western people are well known for their talent at art and craftsmanship. If your budget allows, buy Navajo pottery, blankets, and rugs; transformation masks from the tribes of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring them in the home can breathe a Western spirit into your home more effectively than anything else. In addition, you could both buy the originals with a large budget and prints and posters at a more reasonable price; both online and in a gallery nearby.

How Specific Rooms Should Be Decorated

Now let look in the detail of each room in the home to make it easier for you.

1. With the living room

For this room, the design will lean toward the neutral grey shades that are mixed together with warm beige and brown shades. In addition, the sophisticated design can be created by the combination of chocolate-colored genuine leather and the class. The L-shaped sofas are often chosen in Western design.

2. With the dining room

This is an ideal place to send the Western spirit into your home. It is featured by a bar counter and a dining area with a round table. A nice addition to the design of a traditional Western-style is the leather bar stools.

Here you had better use oversize art prints, a wooden table, leather, and wooden accents. In particular, the Western pieces of art should be hung here. Black-and-white art prints for a Western look about saddles, rope, horses could be a good choice. A cowboy-inspired piece and flipping it in a different color can be the best way to create a modern fashion. The typical centerpiece would be silver, gold or rose gold animal skull. You can also try out with faux antlers as candlesticks, which come with the principle rules for a dining room will make your dining room stunning.

3. With the Bedroom

How To Naturally Bring The Western Style Into Your Home
using natural items like brass, leather, wood, and wrought iron mixed with muted colors of nature

There is no exception to your bedroom as you should use the natural materials for it if you want to have the Western feeling in your room. Here we will recommend Doreen Amico-Sorell, a well-known interior designer in New York.

Again, the key is to stay the way of trendy pieces. Instead, using natural items like brass, leather, wood, and wrought iron mixed with muted colors of nature. For example, the bedroom can go with a wrought-iron or wooden bed frame and combine your aesthetic with a leather chair and geometric fabrics. Another good idea is to add a Navajo blanket to be used as a throw or area rug, and pieces of handwoven fabric that are framed.

4. With the outdoor area

For this space of the home, you can bring the Western-style by easily doing it in a clean and simple way. Therefore, there is no space for silhouettes of a cowboy against a wall or haystacks in your backyard. Other things that can remind us of a previous time and place of Western culture are Subtle touches like a cactus and succulent garden or terra-cotta tile on a back patio.

5. With your kid’s room

A helpful piece of advice for you with the space of the kids is to create a whimsical vibe that has Western elements with it. There should be an accent wall installation to hang dream catchers or cowboy hats and a cozy corner to fill with Western pieces like pillows, Pendleton blankets, basket wall hangings, and woven rope.

In addition, whether you need to decorate in the Western-style to bring a little of wide-open feeling into your living space or to add new characters to an existing home to sell, it is easy to apply the Western features into your home. And you don’t need to be a professional designer to do it. If you are not sure whether Western style match your room, you can use Virtual Staging for a preview. Enjoy the new appearance of your home.

Consider some suggestions for other interior styles that will completely change the appearance of the home. The home-style can partly show the homeowner’s character, so take some time to decorate your living area that suits your own style.