Easy Tips For The Fireplace Staging

The fireplace is considered the heart of a house, creating a warm atmosphere for the house. Thus, accessorizing this feature will make a great impression on buyers.

If you don’t have any ideas for your fireplace, here we are offering some amazing options. You can pick up a suitable one for your own fireplace that can brighten up your room.

1. For the fireplace that has a long mantle running the room

Easy Tips For The Fireplace Staging
Staging Fireplace with Long Mantel

You don’t need to decorate the whole length of the mantle. Instead, just pick up large decor that can make a balance. Include a mirror with smaller, different height items. In this case, there is no space for the same height accessories.

2. A large fireplace with a narrow mantle 

Easy Tips For The Fireplace Staging
one large statement piece is a good choice

Again, to make a balance with this large scale fireplace, one large statement piece is a good choice. There should not be including any small pieces. A piece of art is mostly chosen. It works as a touch of color, mixing with the stone. 

3. The fireplace is placed in the center, coming with a small window.

Easy Tips For The Fireplace Staging
keep the wall simple and neat

A mirror at the same height as the window is needed. Place it on the other side of the fireplace compared to the window. Also, remove the small pieces and replace them by a large piece of art hung over the fireplace to keep the wall simple and neat.

4. A fireplace at the center of a formal living room


Easy Tips For The Fireplace Staging
Staging living room with fireplace

In this case, place artwork over the fireplace to make sure the space symmetry. You should also add a plate to give balance to the fireplace.

5. A fireplace with architectural details

Easy Tips For The Fireplace Staging
Fireplace architectural detail

There is no need to remove the original details. Consider having small lamps to give more lighting and ambiance to space.

Here are some other notes that you need to take into account while staging your fireplace.

  • Do the cleaning: remove unnecessary functional items that make your room overcrowded and off-putting.
  • Keep personal items hidden: something like picture frames, awards.
  • Keep the state of balance for the room in terms of style and palette.
  • Add some artwork can be a great idea. Choose something that attracts different buyers, especially simple neutrals and abstracts.
  • Avoid candles or arrangements.

The function of the fireplace is undeniable. In addition, many stagers say that each fireplace should come with a certain living room staging style, which will create a greater outcome. Or with every room that the fireplace is placed in, homeowners should match them together. Otherwise, they might find the solution of virtual staging really helpful to enhance the space of the home.