Essential Things You Have To Know About Virtual Staging

Home staging is quite a familiar term when it comes to sell empty houses. Most home sellers and agents take advantage of home staging to sell their houses better. Inspite of high cost, it is can not deny the effectiveness of home staging. Luckily, thanks to the development of technology, now home sellers and agents can apply home staging to their vacant houses in a very cost-saving way by using Virtual Staging. Virtual staging is the most affordable alternative of home staging.

If you have no idea on what virtual staging is, and how it works, in this article, you will learn about all the essential things you have to know about Virtual Staging.

What is Virtual Staging?

Essential Things You Have To Know About Virtual Staging
What is Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is the process that adds furnishings and decor to virtually stage photo of empty homes, making a better impression of the property and leading to sale growth. Virtual staging appears as an advanced technological step on home staging techniques. It helps showcase both the existing features of a home and its potential ones. It is a great supplement to the conventional staging of vacant homes, moreover, it is far more cost-effective. 

Virtual staging is one of the most popular tools that are used by New York marketing professionals. This tool is really helpful in the case of a vacant condominium or cooperative apartment units. It is because an empty studio or penthouse makes a sense of box of white walls. And certainly, that doesn’t motivate the clients to make a visit to a house.

Why is it so important?

Technology has changed the behavior of sellers and buyers in real estate work. There is no more a whole-day home search touring for properties. Instead, nowadays buyers tend to stay in front of their computers or smartphones, looking over a list of pictures to figure out which houses they love. After that, they reach there in person for more details. That’s why it’s worth investing time and effort in creating the outstanding pictures as well as touching-up images of your house before bringing it to the market. In other words, the pictures are the very first thing that clients meet when they choose a house to buy. Therefore, it is pretty true when saying “the better the real estate photos are, the higher sale the house get. 

Again, the majority of home buyers (85%) prefer to see the pictures of a house before deciding to have a closer look at it. Thus, with vacant houses, well virtually staged photos will be the first step to persuade clients to come to buy your house. 

How does Virtual Staging work?

There is a fact that, virtual staging or digital staging is mainly implemented on photos only. Then all the actions are performed via a computer.

  • Firstly, professional photographers will take a high-quality picture with ideal angles that show the best of the house.
  • Then, depending on the tastes and preferences of clients, experts in virtual staging will add appropriate 3D home furniture.
  • Finally, the virtual stager has to apply their expertise to fit the furniture set with the room scale
  • The virtually staged photo will be done in one or two business days

Amazing Benefits of Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a great tool, so using it can save you a lot of time and cost.

Essential Things You Have To Know About Virtual Staging
Benefits of Virtual Staging
  • Buyers normally don’t expect to see any personal items of the current owner or the personalized decoration of the house. Your solution here is virtually redecorating existing furniture and artwork with other neutral designs, which definitely will make considerable changes in the house. Also, this will help buyers identify their future lifestyle in the co-op or condo they are going to buy.
  • Imagine that the next owner will see an entire room without any furniture. That certainly will not appeal to them at all. However, Virtual staging tools will help showcase your empty rooms in various options of styles and furnishings and make your them more stunning and attractive. There are also many different types of virtual staging ranging from virtual redecorate, virtual furnish, virtual paint to virtual declutter. All of them provide unlimited opportunities. 
  • Also, with virtual staging tools, a room’s function can be changed easily. There is great flexibility that can attract more potential buyers. For instance, virtual staging tools allow you to transform a spare bedroom to an office or a nursery by virtually redecorating it. Another example of this is the change of the room into a workout space. Virtual Staging strips all furnishings from a picture and adds some fitness furniture with proper wall color and decor.
  • Next, virtual staging offers different styles of the same room. Showing the only room look for all kinds of the client can be boring, in the meanwhile, different buyers have their own taste. For the case of a living room with many styles like modern, shabby chic, or traditional styles will appeal to more audience.

Almost home selling issues can be solved by virtual staging and reduce the seller’s biggest headaches.

  • Many homeowners have to quickly remove all the furniture out of their house before showing to clients. And definitely, the home becomes vacant, cold, and unwelcoming. With virtual staging tool, virtual furniture will be added and fullfilled the empty room, making it cozier and life-like.
  •  You don’t have any time to clear out your home before taking pictures for sale. The house might be messy and it can reduce the traffic of visiting. Yet, virtual decluttering is able to magically remove all personal items and clutter from surfaces. At the same time, this kind of digital home staging will make your home larger and more appealing.
  • There are many details in the house that don’t fit together or are themselves outdated, such as a dark yellow wall or busy old wallpaper. Applying Virtual Staging can help virtually get rid of all the wallpaper and repaint the color of the wall, changing it into a more calming neutral white wall. Your house will look neat, pleasant, and then more inviting. Moreover, this will help you sell the listings faster. That’s when you can cut down on the time upon a week or two to have all these pieces of stuff done by a painter as usual.

Floor Plans

One of the virtual staging types that are getting more popular is interactive floor plans. It is coming with photographs of hallways and rooms to visualize buyers the floor plan of the house and imagine how they will live in the new home.

For buyers in different ranges of age, you should apply a certain appearance of the same room. For young buyers, you show the room with modern and rustic chic furniture and accessories. whereas for older ones, virtually traditional furniture and decor are more suitable.

How to Optimize Virtual Staging Tool?

Essential Things You Have To Know About Virtual Staging
Virtual Staging Software

Unlike professionals, low-quality offerings have the lack of knowledge, skill, and understanding of real-world perspectives. They often make the house appear to have fake furniture or unrealistic and off-putting appearance. Thus, this tool also needs real professionals so that it can present all its outstanding strong points correctly and ethically. It is not simply cutting and pasting, but editors must have experience in using lighting and shadows unless you want it to look unrealistic and fake. In other words, it isn’t a matter of only photoshop exercise, but there is a need for the eye of an artist and the methods of a scientist.

You can check out top 10 best Virtual Staging companies which offer professional virtual staging services in case you need.

On the other hand, some buyers may feel misled and disappointed when seeing vacant rooms instead of the ones full of furniture like virtually staged photos in ads, online or on websites. To avoid that, real estate professionals should label or watermark all done virtually staged images. An easy way is to insert the words “Virtually Staged” on the corner of the images.

Besides, you should show virtually staged photos next to the vacant room to remind them of the virtually staged ones. Also, it is possible to give them as a handout so that you don’t have to recollect it.

Listed here all the basic knowledge of Virtual Staging. Hope it somehow helps you understand more about this type of digital work!