Top 7 Essential Home Staging-Related Tips For Realtors and Home Sellers

It is widely said in the real estate community that how to stage a home that helps a property more appealing to potential customers is the key factor deciding how quick a listing is sold and how high its price is. However, this process is often costly and takes a lot of time. It involves a wide range of steps and objects, including paint, décor, furniture, and appliances.

The following article will recommend the typical ways to make the home staging easier, quicker, and less expensive.

1. Get rid of and hide excess clutter in storage, not the closets


Essential Home Staging-Related Tips For Realtors and Home Sellers
Get rid of and hide excess clutter in storage, not the closets

It is said that the price of a property can drop by 5%-15% due to clutter. It is because people think that clutter is contagious. If you have too much stuff in your home making the space smaller and messy, they will doubt that there is enough space for them.

Moreover, though hiding the personal belongings that you use on a daily basis before each showing might sound hard for many of you, it could bring a lot of benefits. It could be the bottom line in the selling process to keep the home tidy, neutral, and free of clutter.

While taking a look around a home, buyers often open the curtains and closets to look inside. In these cases, it is not a good impression on them to see a pile of stuff inside. That will create the feeling of messing up and lack of space. On the other hand, storage space is also in a high position on the buyer’s list. If there is not enough space for their stuff, it will be a big minus point.

2. Colors for pillows, ceilings, and walls

Essential Home Staging-Related Tips For Realtors and Home Sellers
Colors for pillows, ceilings, and walls

If your sofas are dark leather, they will create large black holes in the photos taken to show online, distracting buyers from a room’s potential. To brighten it, simply add light-colored pillows an throws.

Avoid painting ceiling dark and walls accent colors because they will make the ceiling feel lower and the room less spacious. Instead, choose the light and airy colors for both walls and ceiling, having them in the same color. Some of you might say you love bringing vibrant colors into the home. Just spare those for accessories such as rugs, pillows, and other furniture.

3. Freshen Kitchen With Offwhite Cabinets

Essential Home Staging-Related Tips For Realtors and Home Sellers
Freshen Kitchen With Offwhite Cabinets

It is important to add something contemporarily trending into your home. However, color trends change instantly in recent years, so you might find it hard to do that. Moreover, choosing a paint color that goes well with your current finishes, including flooring, backsplash, and counters is also a daunting task for many people. An effective way for this is to paint the kitchen cabinets off-white, which will freshen its appeal.

4. Enhance Bedrooms with High-end Bedding

Essential Home Staging-Related Tips For Realtors and Home Sellers
Enhance Bedrooms with High-end Bedding

Beds tend to be the first thing that people see when they come to visit a bedroom. And they are said to be the focal point of most bedrooms. For that reason, don’t just use the available outdated linens for your beds, but buy a new set of high-quality pillows, throws, and shams. That will help to brighten a bedroom and the key to effectively stage a bedroom.

5. Update Lighting Fixtures

Essential Home Staging-Related Tips For Realtors and Home Sellers
Update Lighting Fixtures

After a course of time used, the overall home and the lighting, in particular, become very old and look not good as the beginning. However, just by changing the light, the whole house could be changed completely. The lighting fixtures should be one of the first things to be given away. They should be swapped out for the ones that are more modern. At the same time, we should balance the lighting in the rooms and brighten up it by adding the floor and table lamps.

If you want to save money for the artificial lighting, consider allowing as much natural light from the windows as possible. Remember that the cleared viewers can see a property, the better they can see themselves in it. Cleaning the windows to maximize the light and views

6. Use certain significant pieces of furniture

Essential Home Staging-Related Tips For Realtors and Home Sellers
Use certain significant pieces of furniture

It is not necessary to put a lot of furniture in your homes, just a few of them to create a focal point for each room is enough. Get rid of the extra furniture out of rooms. For example, a bed and dresser are needed in the bedroom while there should be a set of table and chairs in the kitchen and dining room. If your home is designed for families, a baby crib for one of the bedrooms can appeal to young parents with their little babies.

Again, because furniture and artwork are the first things that buyers see as visiting a home, don’t let staging overshadow the home by putting too much them. If you want the quality of a property is noticed, keep them as simple as possible. Use the neutral colors and pops of color for accessories like table lamps and pillows.

Take into account the idea of borrowing extra furniture that family and friends are not using so that you can avoid spending a lot of money on renting. Just bear in mind as using the furniture not to mess up your home as the simpler, the better.

7. Consider Virtual Staging

Remember it is much likely that your first showing is online, so it is advantageous for a property to have images in good quality and showing your house in the best way. This is also a great way to avoid hiring a staging company, which may cost real estate agents a fortune. Especially, the real estate companies often cover different properties, the lack of budget and labor makes them impossible to stage all of their homes actually.

Hiring a professional virtual home staging company may help you avoid all of the above problems.  You just need to take a good picture and they will add everything for you as your expectation.

There is no doubt that staging a home will boost the sale. Consider our above recommendations during this process to increase the value of a property. One important thing is that the best way to stage a house depends on the style of the home and the potential clients that you are reaching out to.