Colors You Should Avoid When Staging Your House

The purpose of staging home is to make your home look new and appealing. Choosing the right design and color is the key factor affecting the success of your house. And in this article today, we will give you some advice on the color which you should not use when it comes to home staging.


  • Pink


Pink is a lovely color. Many of us may love the look of pink in home design. However, there is a fact that pink is quite feminine and it can not be suitable for most home buyers’ tastes. Due to its special taste, it can make you miss a lot of potential buyers who are not a fan of pink.


  • Purple


Colors You Should Avoid When Staging Your House

Like Pink, Purple is also an adorable color. It also serves specific people’s taste. As a result, when it comes to sell homes, if you want your home to be sold fast, you should stick to neutral color.


  • Red


In feng shui, red color signifies richness, luck, and luxury. That is why many homeowners want to use this color in their home design. However, red color can make home buyers distracted and can not focus on the highlight of the house. If you still want to add something red to the room, consider using some small red decorations such as a vase of flowers.

  • Neon Shades

Colors You Should Avoid When Staging Your House

Neon color brings more energy to the home, making it very dynamic. However, for selling homes, it doesn’t match. Showing your house in a relaxing ambiance is the best way to charm your clients.


  • Pastel


Pastel color is quite soft and gentle. It is also the choice of many homeowners. However, like pink and purple, pastel colors are not a common taste of home buyers. It is suitable with a group of people. Therefore, if you want to impress your house with many people, you should consider using neutral colors like beige, white or off white. And if you still want to stage your house in this color, be patient, because it can get some time to find the one who has the same interest as you.


The best color for home staging is neutral ones. You no need to try to make it colorful or pale which will make your house look unprofessional or too personal. If you are not sure about the color you want to choose, consider using virtual staging to preview the color before actually using it.